The beautifully decorated Christmas tree, good food and conviviality in the house ... Christmas is approaching and so at Chateau Meiland. It was a year with many highlights, with the coveted Golden Televizier Ring 2019 as the final hit. Now that the end of the year is approaching, the family is preparing for all the festivities and the end of a special year. They organize a large Christmas dinner for family and friends from the Netherlands and the chateau is completely restyled in festive Christmas glory. Christmas at Chateau Meiland can be seen on monday December 16tuesday 17 december monday 23 december and a double episode on tuesday 24 december on SBS6.

With Christmas in prospect, family and friends come to France from the Netherlands, such as Martien's brother and his family, Montana and Dirk. But also a number of French acquaintances who have helped and supported the family in the past year have been invited to the Christmas dinner. For the occasion, Martien transforms the entire castle into a Christmas fairytale that only he can. In the meantime, life on the chateau naturally continues, the guests must be cared for and everything must be kept in order. And is the chateau actually ready for winter? When the family came to live in France at the beginning of this year, it was hard to get warm ... There is also a special moment with Claire's baptism. Something that Maxime wanted for a long time, but that didn't happened because of the crowds. 

After Christmas, the annual closing of Chateau Meiland will follow with Wat goééééd! The best of Chateau Meiland on Monday 30 december. In this one-off special, Dutch celebrities, such as Patty Brard and Gerard Ekdom, share their favorite moments of the program. All typical fragments are reviewed, including the countless renovations a la family Meiland, the car trips that almost always seemed like suicide rides and of course the legendary "eyebrow evening". But not only that, but also the high-profile pets of the family are discussed, as well as the strong bond between Erica, Martien, Maxime and Montana. 

Both shows are produced by Vincent TV Producties  

Broadcast: Monday December 16, Tuesday December 17, Monday December 23 and a double episode on Tuesday December 24 on SBS6. The episodes start at 8.30 p.m., with the exception of December 17. This starts at 9.30 p.m. The Meiland is special on Monday 30 December Wat goééééd! The best of Chateau Meiland to be seen at 8.30 p.m.