Crime journalism as it should not be in Injustice! from PowNed

Picture: Hans Tak

In Injustice! Bram Krikke and Dennis Schouten help victims of injustice to get their rights. Whether they have been cheated by a rogue car salesman, a dubious driving instructor or have entered a horror internship, the victims feel abandoned and could use some help. Bram and Dennis listen to the story, do research and - in their own way and in their own way - get the jammed case back in motion. With hidden camera actions, the necessary brutality and above all a healthy dose of humor, they tackle the injustice.

In the first episode a story that stinks. The young mother Ananja was duped twice by her housing association. Because when she was stalked by her confused neighbor, he was not tackled but she was assigned another house. To make matters worse, it turned out that someone had died in that home, after which there had never been any proper cleaning. And so Bram and Dennis are going to get a story from the housing corporation.

The second case is in Friesland. Sietse bought an old convertible from a car dealer, but it turned out that everything was wrong. Bram and Dennis use the hidden camera to record the car dealer's practices and then confront him. After which the case gets out of hand and old-fashioned push and pull work is needed to bring the situation to a successful conclusion.

Injustice! is produced by Vincent TV Productions and can be seen every week at 9.05 pm on Wednesday 9 October at PowNed on NPO 3.