Sander Schimmelpenninck presents Dragons’ Den (WNL)

The globally successful Dragons ’Den returns to Dutch television after an absence of more than ten years, at WNL on NPO1.

The new series will be presented by Quote editor Sander Schimmelpenninck. Dragon’s Den will be shown in eight episodes in the spring on Sunday evenin

In this so-called "business reality format", entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to pitch their own business to a panel of the most successful business people in our country

Whether it is a prototype of a new product or an extra financial injection to be able to grow, the entrepreneurs have to convince the five "Dragons" in a short time and seduce them into an investment that turns their life's work into a house hold name.

The idea is that they come up with such a strong story that at least one of the Dragons is prepared to transform their project or idea into a flourishing company with financial support and vast experience.

The highly experienced and successful Dragons will only invest their (own) money if they really believe in it. They will fire up the entrepreneurs and critically question the feasibility of the ideas they are presented with.

Are the figures correct, are the expectations realistic? And .... how many percent of their own business are the entrepreneurs willing to give up in exchange for the money that the Dragons want to put into their business? Are there several Dragons interested? Then there will be an interesting bidding battle for a share in the company.

Every episode passes through remarkable, unique, original and special proposals where joy and disappointment alternate among candidates who are under high voltage during this chance of their life.

Quote Sander:
“I watched Dragons’ Den as a student in Rotterdam and already thought it was a nice program. Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands has been strongly developed since then, with many more ambitious people opting for entrepreneurship. I expect a high level among the participants and a varied group of Dragons with strong characters.

Quote Bert Huisjes, WNL:
"Dragons" Den is a successful international title. It is an opportunity to show a large audience the inspiration of young entrepreneurs. Certainly if they have to prove themselves to experienced businessmen. The format shows in an amusing way what they come up against, where things can go wrong, and the ingenuity that they must have in house. WNL would like to see that reflected in the public broadcaster.

The Public Broadcaster broadcast the program once before, then presented by Jort Kelder.

nterested in presenting your business idea to one of the Dragons? Then sign up via

Dragons ’Den, created by Nippon TV in Japan, is distributed worldwide by Sony Pictures Television. Produced by Vincent TV Productions and broadcast by Omroep WNL.

More information: contact editor-in-chief Linda Zuidinga, 0651659814.