Back from the past: the Planckaerts get a new program on Eén

The Planckaert family will be on television again in the fall, just over ten years after their reality series "De Planckaerts" ended. In January, Eén starts with the recordings for "Château Planckaert", in which the family is followed while they try to turn a neglected castle in France into a beautiful chambre d’hôte. 

From 2003 to 2009, the whole of Flanders was able to follow the ups and downs of the Planckaert family, led by former cyclist Eddy Planckaert and his wife Christa, thanks to the reality series "De Planckaerts". Soon this will be possible again, because Eén will broadcast "Château Planckaert" in the fall of 2020. The family is trying to convert a neglected castle in France into a beautiful chambre d’hôte. Eddy and Christa bought the castle of Louis XV last year in an impulsive mood, but the building needs a total renovation. After a fire in 2015, the roof of the building was completely gone and the inside destroyed. Fortunately, the new lords know their way with that. 

Eddy and Christa: “It has always been our dream to withdraw from the daily grind. However, a series of setbacks meant that there was not much room left for dreaming, and a growing family cannot simply be pulled away from their familiar environment. That is why those plans were put away. But during a vacation in France we bumped into a burnt-out castle, and the rest is history (smiles). We are really looking forward to the days, weeks and months that we can spend together in France, working together on one goal. Of course there will be discussions, setbacks and renovation stress ... but our strength is in the family. "

Meant to be

His son Junior is also looking forward to the adventure: “The renovations to the castle are not minor, but it seems almost destined. Our enthusiasm soon took the upper hand and the missing roof, the burnt-out upper floor and all other renovation work became a side issue for us. We are one team. Then you are not easily afraid of a new adventure, because you know that you are never alone. ”

Olivier Goris, network manager of Eén, is happy with the new acquisition: “The story of the Planckaerts is something very personal, but at the same time oh so universal. Whatever happens in life, the support of friends and family is really important, at difficult and beautiful moments. "Château Planckaert" becomes very pure and recognizable television. About dreams and daring, about falling and getting up together again. Very happy that we will soon be able to experience the Planckaerts dream with Eén. ”