Renewed "Five Days Inside" shows daily reality in healthcare institutions

The staff of all kinds of care institutions do a lot of work every day to provide residents with the right help and attention. Most take place behind closed doors. But what does daily life look like in all these institutions? Presentatrices Angela Groothuizen, Caroline Tensen and Natasja Froger spend five days and four nights separately in various care institutions to see how things are going. The beautiful and often moving stories that take place inside the walls can be seen at RTL 4 from Tuesday 7 January at 9.30 p.m.

Every presenter goes several times "Five Days Inside". Angela, among others to JellinekMinnesota in Amstelveen, a clinic where people try to get rid of all kinds of addiction. She walks with a men's group that follows the intensive 12-step program. Angela: "At "Five Days Inside" you spend five days very intensively dealing with people who have to turn their lives around due to addictions or illnesses, for example. Because you can be there for five days, you get to know them well and you really see how they take on their lives. "

Caroline is going inside at Het Passion in Hummelo, a time-out facility for homeless people. Here these people get the peace and space to recuperate from an intense period they have experienced. Caroline: "I thought it was an honor to be able to do this, but it was also tough. You experience so much more if you stay somewhere in the number of days and nights, very intensely ".

Natasja unpacks her suitcase at De Kloosterhoeve in Raamsdonksveer, where she stays with residents who suffer from Huntington's disease. This hereditary progressive brain disorder causes severe motor symptoms, mental decline and psychiatric problems. Natasja: "You stay in a clinic for five days and nights. You sleep and eat with the residents and drink a cup of tea with the night sister in the evening. Because of this you are completely in the matter. It really hits you to the bone. " he clients, patients and (voluntary) staff all take the presentators into their special daily lives. A camera crew records all during the day ups-and-downs. In the evening and night Angela, Caroline and Natasja film everything they experience.

'Five Days Inside' is produced by Vincent TV Producties

"Five Days Inside" can be seen weekly on Tuesday 7 January at 9.30 pm on RTL 4. From January 7 the first two episodes can be seen at Videoland. An episode is added weekly.